Vancouver Musical Instrument Lending Program- 7thJune2016

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Vancouver Musical Instrument Lending Program- 7thJune2016

Post by jan - brit » Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:57 pm

'Hedley vocalist Jacob Hoggard will be on hand Tuesday to launch the program. Public access to musical instruments has a special meaning to Hoggard, who grew up in Surrey and Abbotsford. He said that as a kid he relied on the public library for creative fuel — CDs, movies, books on tape. His first guitar was “literally a borrowed instrument” — from his sister. “I took it from her, and learned how to play, then saved up and bought my first electric guitar.”

“When you pick up a musical instrument and you learn something new, your creative energy is that of an early romantic relationship — unpredictable, impulsive, where you are full of excitement and inspiration. Those first few moments of love where you feel that anything is possible.”

Full article here: ... ng-program

Jake and Tom were at the launch of this initiative. Here's a couple more related articles and a short radio clip:

Image ... Vancouver/ ... -1.3620695 ... g-library/

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