Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser - Help my sister chop off her hair

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Ovarian Cancer Fundraiser - Help my sister chop off her hair

Postby Jessica » Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:45 am

Hey all! Every year, Ovarian Cancer Canada holds their "Walk of Hope" in cities across the country to raise money for the research into a cure for and awareness for Ovarian Cancer. My life has been touched by this silent killer in too many ways - I've lost people to it, and I know people currently fighting for their lives. THis year, my sister is doing something amazing! She is going to cut off her LONG hair and donate to Locks of Love if she meets her fundraising goal! If any of you have a moment and a few bucks to spare, please click the link below and donate to her! Every dollar counts! If you've never heard of this disease or don't know the signs and symptoms, I encourage you to go online and find out more information! This disease often first appears as a common flu or just "aches and pains" so it is crucial that we women know the signs and listen to our bodies. If something feels wrong, seek out the help of a doctor, and make sure they go through every possible hoop to help you find out what is ailing you!

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