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Re: The sex thread.

Postby ashbee03 » Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:36 am

Oh same here!
Be careful!
I was on the pill, we used condoms and when we didn't, he pulled out.
And I got preggo.
Unfortunately I miscarried @ 2 months but still, nothing is 100%.
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Re: The sex thread.

Postby kate1013 » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:01 pm

Krysta wrote:Woww, I am incredibly bored and decided to check this old place out! It's been years! Can't believe I still recognize names of posters lol.

I am the same as you Katie, it takes forever for me to cum, - if i do it myself no problem, but a guy has never perfected it. My boyfriend now is the only one who has been able to, but thats cuz he doesn't give up until I reach climax.

Girls be careful though!! Make sure you take your pills regularly - - - I didn't.. now I'm 3 months preggers!
It's exciting though, not like I'm young either, I'm 26 so its about time.
Having the worst morning sickness ever. :(
Next week is my scan, hopefully if bean is in the prefect position I will know if a boy or girl! :)

I've only ever been sexually active with Jake. The last time we had sex, I was on top and he must have found my G-spot because usually the only way that I can cum is if I am touching myself while he is inside of me... but this time, my hands were no where near down there and I came! It was awesome!

That is awesome news about you being pregnant! I'm sure it must have been a shock at first though... my sister is pregnant. She finds out next week what the sex is. She's only 19 years old though and the father of the child recently got picked up by the police and has been admitted to the physc wing in the hospital. They also found a large amount of drugs (in pill form) on him so things aren't looking good for him to say the least.
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