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Postby lessthanthree » Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:48 pm

Since reading The Fault In Our Stars, I have now also read An Abundance of Katherines and Looking For Alaska, both by John Green. I enjoyed both. Looking For Alaska didn't make me cry (neither did TFIOS), which is apparently uncommon, but meh. Green kind of has a tendency to let his characters get away with a lot of shit. Like, Colin in An Abundance of Katherines is kind of just... a jerk sometimes? I guess it's the social awkwardness (and like, possible aspergers? idk I got that vibe) but gooooood. No one cares what your "least favourite kind of attractive" is! And Miles in Looking For Alaska was so butthurt about being friendzoned, but at least he got called out on a lot of crap. Anyway.

I also read the New Kids On The Block biography. Yo, that book made me cry! It's actually a really neat bio and whatever, I love them, they were my childhood, their story is fascinating and I actually feel really bad for them in some areas.

And now I'm reading Pop Kids by Davey Havok (of AFI). It's a weird story, I haven't quite got a grasp of it yet, and the narrator is a complete douche, but we'll see where this goes.
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