Invincible - Great Music Lives Forever!

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Invincible - Great Music Lives Forever!

Postby Goldstar » Sun Jul 03, 2016 7:32 pm

Hi. I caught the "Hello" tour in St. John's,NL and brought a friend of mine who knew little about the band and how great their music is. I have turned her into a believer and now Hedley is on the playlist. But my real shoutout is for "Invincible". It's my grounding song. And when you sit at a keyboard or with a guitar I'm sure you have no idea how much your work and music touch our beings. I feel like "Invincible" was written for me and what I have living with but I will "beat it".
Thank you for making music that relates to each one of us and for keeping it real.
You may not remember me from the meet and greet in St. John's but GOLDSTAR is sending good vibes.
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