Where in the world is Hedley?

Seeing as this is a new site with new features and an even newer board... there will be questions! so feel free to post them here.
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Where in the world is Hedley?

Post by janet » Mon Mar 23, 2009 10:51 am

Originally posted by Val on November 15, 2008

Will Universal be posting updates on where the band is over the next year - ie tour dates outside of Canada, when they're back here in the studio, etc?


EDIT ... janet stepping in here

OK guys, here's the scoop ... and yes, I do have permission to pass this information on to everyone. Last night in Orangeville, I had a good talk with their Manager about what the Canadian fans can expect in the coming months.

Once the Kingston show tomorrow and the Tremblant show in December are finished, as of last night, unless you plan to travel to Germany, possibly Australia, Japan and a slight chance to the States, you will not be seeing the guys on tour until January 2010 at the earliest.

The guys are taking a much deserved rest for a couple of weeks before starting some studio work. If everything goes as planned, they will be going to Germany at the end of January. There is no set time as to how long they wil be there - they will feel it out as it goes. There's a chance they will be going to Australia and Japan and maybe even back to the United States - although the States may not be until 2010.

According to their Manager, Hedley will NOT be playing any shows in Canada during 2009 - EXCEPT possibly a few in the province of Quebec during the summer (he said Quebec is a complete "different market" than the rest of the county).

Hedley plans to be at the Junos at the end of March - which are being held in Vancouver. Their Manager said they will not be performing but might be one of the a presenters.

Once the new album is completed, plans will be made for the guys to do a cross Canada promotional tour at the same time as the CD is released. They will be playing larger venues on the first tour to promote to new album and then they hope to play some of the smaller ones on a second tour.

As for Val's question about us knowing what's happening with the bands... the answer is YES ... Hedley will be keeping us posted about what's happening with them, when and where concerts are, etc.

Their Manager couldn't stress enough how important and precious Hedley's Canadian fans are to them. They do not want to keep us in the dark about what's happening with them while they are overseas. I let Mr G. know that forumers would really appreciate being kept up-to-date and it would mean a lot to us.

Remember, what is said and planned for now is always subject to change - none of the above plans are set in stone (other than Kingston and Tremblant that is).

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